The core is presenting itself

What I figured would happen, is begining to happen.

This is a political post: if you are sick & tired of politics, don’t read on.

I didn’t vote for Obama, and that’s not a big surprise to many who know me.

I didn’t vote for him because I feel I voted my conscience: that is to say I knew him to be an advocate for abortion rights, for opting for a pro-gay agenda, and I knew him to be a bit of a socialist in his views.(though to what extent I didn’t know at the time)

What has beenĀ  happening with our country is helping/serving to solidify what my guts were telling me early on.

Our government is beginning to own the private sector.

He feels that we need to spread the wealth around(socialism/mandatory redistribution of wealth).

He is soft on our enemies/feels he needs for folks to just get along.

But most telling perhaps, is his insistence thatĀ  HE do the following:

“President Barack Obama touted the accomplishments of his first 100 days in office, telling a Missouri town hall audience “we’ve begun to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off” and “we’re working to remake America.”

“remake America.”

What president has ever felt he needed to remake America?

What exactly needs to be remade?

And into WHAT exactly…

Feel free to enlighten me.

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