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New Chanter in the works

So, I’m constructing a new Uilleann pipe chanter…this time, with a real wood species… “Macacauba” AKA “Granadillo”  

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A new venture

I decided to start an online fellowship/community/order/fraternity…whatever you wish to call it.. https://royalknights.us/ It is decidedly Christian in its makeup, and is partly an answer to many other orders of Knighthood that I have researched, over the last decade or so, and found wanting, with respect to Orthodox Christian doctrines. The latest example of why …

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In my almost 30 years(wow!) of IT, especially in the last 15 ish years, I have seen fads come and go. The lingo fads are interesting… and if I’m honest, are mostly annoying to me… For a while, whilst in IT meetings,  I would find myself wondering how much time would go by before someone …

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First sail!

Finally got her out on the water! Sailed on Androscoggin Lake, with Levi as first mate Weather was sunny, with wind at approx. 8mph with gusts 10+ How did she do? Well, I didn’ go over, and she seemed spirited, when the wind cooperated. Managed to introduce the rudder to some rocks, only because I …

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My first sailboat!

Recently towed this girl home… Fun fact: was told it’s a 16′ O’ Day Daysailer …but not so much So far, have not been able to identify the maker! 14 ft LOA 5.5 ft Beam The below pics were taken in an effort to identify the maker of the boat. So far, no one knows!

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I own a sword… “MEDIEVAL SWORD. Mid Thirteenth Century. Steel blade with a fuller 2/3 of its length. Steel pommel and cross-guard. Length overall 105 cm. Weight 1400 gr”


Fulvio Del Tin is the swordmaker.

Please visit his website before you do anything else!

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