Stories from the Past #11

Crouching Rich Hidden Slugger

“The Frog Slide”

Well, with all the Red Sox action these days(whoohoo!) ,
I got to thinking back on my own illustrious baseball career.
I played from T-ball through to Babe Ruth league.
I wasn’t much of a base runner.. (though a good hitter)
In fact, in the state champ playoff game, I bounced one off
the left field fence, and only got a single out of it(anyone
else would have easily gotten a double)
and folks commented afterward, that it looked like I ran
funny…almost like my legs were not fully stretching out
or something..
I digress..
Anywhoo, I do remember one day, rounding third &
someone yelling out “sliiiide!!!”
I ended up sort of crouching down as I “slid” through
home came off rather like a frog/squatting position
than a classic slide…
funny for all who were there..

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