This is Redistribution of Wealth.

Gov Sarah Palin brought up that phrase last night in discussing the dems propsed tax hike on those earning >259K.

It’s a subject I’ve tossed about as well, and which will likely have far reaching effects should our opponent win the seat in the White House.

I know there are those who think that ROW is a good thing.

However, I would challenge those folks to point to a society such as ours, who enjoy our levels of freedom, where it has enjoyed a positive, and sustained run.

It is usually spun, using the guilt method.

I.E. “you’re taking food away from the hungry”


“you’re forcing children out onto the streets” etc etc etc


“my aunt Roberta is now a prostitute thanks to Ronnie Reagan”

So,  to use a word that Joe Biden repeatedly used in last nights debate, a FUNDAMENTAL worldview/paradigm difference exists between the two parties.

It seems to trace it’s roots back to the subtle inclusion of Marxist principles into our society, which I believe have blossomed during the late 50’s era forward. (this would bear researching at a greater level)

Anyway, the debates roll on..

Oh, and BTW, I’m almost shocked to hear the Dems adopt a hardline position as to the cause of Global warming.

Despite extremely compelling evidence to the contrary, they are insisting that humans have caused this phenomenon, solely due to carbon emissions.



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