In my almost 30 years(wow!) of IT, especially in the last 15 ish years, I have seen fads come and go.

The lingo fads are interesting… and if I’m honest, are mostly annoying to me…

For a while, whilst in IT meetings,  I would find myself wondering how much time would go by before someone mentioned

the dreaded ‘low hanging fruit’

A few years ago, I began to notice what I termed a ‘fad’.. and that as that folk seemed to start sentences with “So,”

Not sure how long that has been a thing, but it is alive and well today, for sure.

Now, on to today’s pet peeve fad, though this one certainly spans multiple industries.

It is the repetitive and copious use of the word “Right


Example sentence:

Ok, so I want to address one of the most prolific viruses, right, that’s out there today. Over time, right, we’ve noticed

a trend toward the social-engineering genres of user-baiting which invites these viruses in”




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