ok, this is a different post for me..


The word regret, usually never passes my lips in normal conversation.

I just don’t think much about regretting things: I may lament mistakes I’ve made, things I wish I’d have done differently perhaps…but  out and out regret? nah

well, maybe except this one comes real close…


It all began years ago, when my wife introduced me to the band IONA.
The Irish one, from…Ireland(because there are two out there) and actually, a youtube video of (Ireland’s)IONA pops up several pix in the video, and one is (mistakenly) of the American pan-celtic band IONA.

Well anyway, fast forward to many years later(approx April of 2012): I’m becoming an ever-growing rabid fan of Celtic music, and Celtic fusion in particular, with IONA  foremost among them all..
I caught wind via Facebook, that they were going to tour the states(a fairly rare event), and not only that, but they were soliciting their fan base here to look into potential venues to play at. :O
I knew of a few places that might suit, so I began looking into it, and found myself making contact with their stateside band manager gal, and before I knew it, I’m looking over their sound requirements etc

Ok, all of this sounds great right?
I mean, this would be like, one of those dream comes true scenarios, so to speak.


I found myself becoming anxious about the whole thing.
And before I knew what was happening, I scuttled the entire idea.

I could have met the band, probably hung out with them…these amazing, talented, and Christ-centered musicians…

I could have been sippin a Guinness with Dave Bainbridge!
who knows.. we’ll never know…(they don’t tour anymore)

So what happened exactly?
What made me bail on what could have been a really, really cool adventure, where I meet a world-class group of fellow musicians/believers??

I don’t know…but I know it’s not the first, or last time this anxiety has kept me from doing things.

And it’s maddening.

I look forward to one day, not having this thing like a ball & chain around my anxious neck


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