Sorry folks, I’m gonna rag on a song.. Well, actually the artists rendering of the song. (Chris Tomlins’ lyrics)

So, Springy has this worship compilation CD sitting in the van…

a lot of cool stuff..David Crowder , Delirious? etc

Among them, God of Wonders is covered by Rebecca St James.

I have to say, personally, that this is about the truest example of what I would consider total butchery/commercialism/sell-out-ed-ness of an otherwise perfectly useful WORSHIP song.
My wife astutely points out, that it was probably the producers doing…

I say shame on him or her then!

I’m done.

Sorry..I know it’s all subjective…


  1. Feel better? haha 😉

  2. man…lame I know…there’s enough folks ranting about this & that..

  3. Your forgot to mention the SLUTTY version of “Let my words be few”… SLUTTY is the only way to describe it. I am sorry to say it of one of my own sex, but it’s bad!

  4. Wow, boy if Ida heard that one before I posted…RANT wouldn’t have sufficed.
    I’da had to preach hellfire & stones…or something..

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