Rangoons await!

Rich Gouette: for a moment, I thought I heard ‘muster the Rongoonhirrim!’
Rich Gouette: but, it could have been my imagination
BobSan: The Rangoon brought to Rich unnatural long mornings. For five hundred minutes it poisoned his mind. And in the gloom of Rich’s cubicle, it waited.
Rich Gouette: lolooll
BobSan: Hunger crept back into the stomach of the Scripter. Rumor grew of a Rangoon on St. John St., whispers of a nameless sauce, and the Rangoon of Power perceived its time had now come.
Rich Gouette: ROTF
BobSan: the time will soon come when Bobbits will shape the fortunes of all.
Rich Gouette: I want to see Rangoons again Bobsan, Rangoons!
BobSan: Before Rangoons came along we Bobinses were very well thought of…

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