Looking to finally be in a serious band?

Guitarist with 13 plus years of experience under the belt. Looking for devoted bassist and drummer. The style of music I play is extremely heavy metal. I am looking for a bassist who can keep up with me while I play guitar, a drummer who is not only fluent in blast beats and double bass, but who is also creative. Now, when it comes to a vocalist, I am looking for someone who is able to do guttural growls as well as out-breathing squeals and screeches. if i am not clear in my description, check out these bands and you should have a better understanding. waking the cadaver, job for a cowboy, putrid pile, and necrophagist. all applicants must have own equipment, and willing to do a show in time. thank you for your time.

ps serious inquiries only please

ya can’t make this stuff up folks..

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