Photo Shoot

I decided to try out my wife’s cool camera right outside our front door.

Found a busy bee..

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  1. Hey, Rich. We met a couple years ago on Worship the Rock. I’d like to invite you and your team/church to the Robin Mark Conference/Concert at our church on July 14th. The conference is 9-3 w/ 3 sessions by RM and 1 our team. $12 includes continental breakfast and lunch!!! The concert is at 7pm for $8. We are priced at about 1/3rd the cost most churches are asking because we aren’t trying to make/raise $ with this, just simple ministry/fellowship/worship. We have RM here last summer for a concert only (completely soldout and amazing). We’ve been to conferences featuring RM at our venues a couple of times. We’d love to have you, man! 832-7659

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