On the inside

It’s funny being on “the inside” of a thing, when you encounter a strong bit
of writing against it. The bias, the incorrect facts, the stereotyping.
I just came across a lengthy article written primarily in opposition to doTerra essential oils.

Interestingly, written on a website that calls itself: sciencebasedmedicine.org

It’s funny, because I’ve seen not a few Physicians in complete support for essential oils, and doTerra in particular, who go deep into the healing properties of oils, etc

Now, I’ll say right from the outset, doTerra decided to build their company using the MLM(gasp) model. Yup, an MLM…it has always struck a  really negative chord with me, ever since the AMWAY days, when someone first approached me to tell me of a “great way to earn some extra money” but they couldn’t really explain what it was they were offering until we were back in the apt, and they had me cornered! Then I managed to wring the “A” word outta them.

Anywhoo, I’ve always said I could NEVER sell, or peddle anything I wasn’t completely convinced was the genuine thing. I have used doTerra oils, and have seen many families use these oils to GREAT benefit. It just plain works. Oils are not a new thing.

MLM’s are.

For better or worse for the company, they have chosen MLM as their vehicle for spreading the word: and it seems to be working.

In this article, there are many ridiculous claims I’m not even going to repeat, but the best part is, they closed the comments, but not before a woman wrote in to simply tell this:

The bleepin stuff works for us!(see comment below)
Well, ok, she didn’t say that, but what better means of refuting false testimony, but with true life experience?\

Go ahead and read it, it’s great.

Oh, and if you feel the need to dig into it, Spring is always happy to enlighten!




ps. the comments regarding doTerra being somewhat vague , and referencing an FDA statement are not a surprise to me.
Why? Because oils are NOT regulated by the FDA.
Do you know what happens when medicine becomes regulated by the FDA?
I do not need to say more


Rrite says:
April 18, 2013 at 3:05 pm
Well, I am an open-minded person, so I like to try new things – as long as their legal! I purchased one of the intro kits from doTerra – the Family Physician’s kit. I tried the following oils and personally saw the following results on me:
1) Melaluca – rubbed on throat where glands were swollen and sore – soreness went away within minutes, no sore throat developed.
2) Eycalyptus – rubbed on chest when I felt a chesty type of cough coming on – feeling went away that day.
3) Uncontrolled coughing – dabbed a little peppermint oil on my tongue – swished it around because I was in the car and didn’t have any water, cough immediately stopped and did not return until hours later – did the peppermint drop right away again – cough went away – next day, no cough at all.
And, going back to the second day of what I figured was going to be a horrible cold/sinus infection – I put two drops of peppermint, two drops of lemon and two drops of melaluca in a veggie cap and took three times a day for three days – plus I drank a drop of melaluca in my water during the day for five days. All cold symptoms were gone within 6 days, and I never developed anything more than a runny nose and sneezing. No sore throat, no cough, headaches, and best of all, no sinus infection! Three others in my office developed the sinus infection!
Sleeping through the night. I usually have insomnia – and I will admit, there have been a couple nights the blend didn’t work, but 99.9 percent of the time when I rub doTerra’s Serenity blend on my feet, I fall asleep within a short time and sleep soundly through the night. (Despite my husband’s snoring!)
My husband breaks out with a rash on his legs – this last time, I put Lavender on him, the rash went away, and no itching.
Right now, I’m using Oregano on a mole – it is rather large, noncancerous, but in a bad location, so it makes me uncomfortable – I have been applying Oregano on it daily – I’ll let you know when (if) it falls off.
I believe that doctor’s are still necessary, but why rush to a doctor if you can cure yourself? The oils aren’t going to hurt you, and the ones that are used most commonly really aren’t that expensive, especially when I think how much I usually spend on cold remedies, that really don’t remedy anything!
It’s good to be skeptical, but don’t poopoo doTerra because it is a MLM – that’s just the price of business – plus, I love that they have soo much info and training on how to use the oils – if you bought this from the healthfood store – you wouldn’t know half of what to do with the oils.
So, go blow a few bucks – buy an oil that might help you!



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