Office 2007 Sucks


Because just about every time I go to do something that really ought to be fairly intuitive to a long-time Office user, I have to either:

1) poke around a LOT of submenus..

2) consult….<gasp> help files!

today’s mission?

simply scan a frikin document.

Been 3 minutes & counting trying to find out how…

Took me 10 seconds on a OfficeXP machine the other day.

I’m sorry…whoever designed the UI for these newer versions was on crack.

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  1. “To scan a document in Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier versions, you inserted a scanned document directly from the scanner into Word by selecting “From Scanner or Camera” in the “Insert” menu. Microsoft Word 2007 no longer allows you to scan an object directly into a Word document. Instead, you must scan the document, convert it to a specific file type and use the…”

    Crack theory confirmed

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