Obama..the real facts

State legislator, 1997–2004

U.S. Senator, 2005–present

In February 2007, standing before the Old State Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois, Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States

So, it’s perhaps safe to say he probably didn’t effectively work as a senator from some point in early 2007 onward, due to his campaign interests…?

It could be me, but doesn’t this record seem a little thin on real world, hands-on, good old fashioned experience to be Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation on earth?
Oh wait, a lot of people don’t like anything old fashioned, unless it’s a cookie recipe..or something valuable they can sell on ebay..
I could be wrong..

maybe I just need to embrace ..chaaaangechaaaangechaaaangechaaaangechaaaange

btw, I’m not 100% made up who I’m voting for..for the record: but I do know who I feel safer with…all things considered…

And I’m not even totally opposed to a healthcare overhaul!

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