.NET & Concord

Well, it’s Thursday 1.22.09 & I’m sitting at the breakfast table of one David MacAdam.
It’s David & his wife Mary Ellen ,whose house we’ve all been staying at while I attend my class(ASP.NET w/VS.NET 2008) all this week.
We go back a ways with these guys: Spring’s parents, much longer.

David is the founder of New Life Fine Arts. A theater company dedicated to bringing the message of Christ though drama on stage. And they do it well.

We spent last night with the Gray’s. Another wonderful family with whom we share much in common.
They have 9 beautiful children.

So, we’re almost done down here for this week.
It’s been good talking theater, playing music, dreaming a little…me cramming new technology into my little head.

It’s been a very good trip, and I’m sure Spring & I will do some processing about it all while we’re driving back up 95.


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