Mother’s Day

So, since we celebrated Mother’s Day on Sat, I figured I would further honor Spring by a post on this monday.


She’s the bomb…why?

She loves me for me, not for who I could be

She mothers our kids well

She watches out for us

She prods me on to greater things

She has chosen to be at home to teach, and love on our kids rather than

choose a higher income level, or feel like she is “missing out” on something else.

She is a follower after God’s heart

She is a worshiper par excellence

She’s cute

She shares a love of the ocean

She is willing to be adventurous

She is always learning new ways to feed us healthy stuff

She has grace for folks

She has more self-discipline in her pinky than I possess

She likes Celtic music

She writes songs

She is capable of so much

She is ok with my riding a motorcycle

She likes old farmhouses

She draws others into worship whenever she leads it

She has a cool name

She is British

She is beautiful

She married me, out of all the other better fellows out there










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  1. Thank you so much- I cried. 🙂
    I love you!!!

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