this topic came up again today…eesh

“Considering that Evangelicals do not consider ordained ministry to be sacramental in nature, nor uphold the Christian Tradition in regard to the nature of the Eucharist, it matter not one whit whether whether their ministers are men or women. Put bluntly, their ordinations have no validity, their Eucharist has no validity and thus the argument is really one of culture and aesthetics. To those of us in Churches that uphold the Apostolic Tradition, there can be no compromise regarding the nature of Holy Orders, the male exclusivity of the presbyterate, and the impossibility of achieving anything more than practical cooperation with ecclesial communities that deviate from that norm. As Alexander Schmemann told an Anglican friend in the 1970s, “The ordination of women means the death of dialogue”–and sure enough, the once-promising Anglican-Orthodox rapprochement has died on the vine (that failure, however, has resulted in a significant influx of Anglican/Episcopalians into the Orthodox Church, so it hasn’t been a total loss.

I think we need to look to another biblical aphorism: you know a tree by its fruit; the good tree yields good fruit. The fare of those denomnations that have gone the root of women’s ordination have almost universally suffered a catastrophic collapse, numerically, spiritually, and doctrinally. Yet people seem willing to make the same mistake again and again.”

Posted by: Stuart Koehl | May 17, 2006 7:43:12 PM


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