Lets play Offense!

Ok, sorry sports fans…I kinda reeled you in there, as this has nothing at all
to do with sports.
No, I’m referring to the latest kerfuffle over ‘religious offense’, and right here
in our own little corner of the union!
Yes folks, even remote Bangor, Maine isn’t immune from the long arm of this modern day PC gobbledygook.

The case: A teacher of 30 years was ordered to “remove a small Christmas tree from her classroom.”
The defense against this heinous crime of religious offense, given by Bangor School Superintendent Betsy Webb, is enough to make one wish to chew one’s arm off, but here’s the point I want to make.

It’s a good thing we Christians behave like the good little dogs we are, because… well, see what you think below.

Consider for a moment the following:
Clearly, some folks are/were offended by this Christmas tree.
I also assume that he/she/they take said offense because of the relationship to and association with the tree to the
Christian holiday of Christmas.

Ok, so we have an association of a symbol(tree) to Christianity.

And may I remind the reader that nowhere in Christian doctrine, does one find a ‘Christmas Tree’.

Now, what if Christians(only in screwel school of course) took offense to say, the wearing of the Muslim hijab, because seeing this article of clothing is a stark reminder of a religion that contains doctrines offensive to the average Christian?

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Yeah, I thought so too.

Moreover, in this instance the Christian would seem to have the stronger case for offense, because the tree has no place in Christian doctrine, where the hijab is a bonifide mark of a follower of Islam.(unless I’m mistaken)

But here’s the thing: this teacher DOES have to remove her tree, that has been a tradition for so many years..

Has it escaped your notice that theseĀ  things largely tend to come down upon Christians?

Ah well, I guess we take it in stride and consider it a badge of honor to be so singled out..

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