LePage and MPBN: we want everything

Ok, I admit maybe I don’t know all the facts…

But, I do know that:

1) Maine’s economy has been steadily going down the crapper for years due to poor oversight/management.

2) In order to right this economical ship, as in any other business, you have to make tough decisions regarding income vs spending.

3) You CANNOT have your debt-ridden cake and eat it too.

So, for the folks who cannot abide the thought of losing some funding for MPBN, I ask the honest question: “ok then..what/where/when?”


And don’t get me wrong, I fully understand MPNS ‘s contribution to the educational landscape. But let’s not also kid ourselves: there are many other outlets for education in this great state.


Oh, and BTW that gal Olenka Folda, also happens to be among a group of folks who saw fit to break the law and get arrested back in 05’ ish for demonstrating against the IRAQ war. I just found that interesting.


I just don’t get folks sometimes.

Again, if not MPBN, who, what and when??

We finally get someone in Blaine house who IS making tough decisions to better Maine’s economic future, and he gets nothing for it but nasty articles from our left-leaning papers decrying his inability to think and act clearly.

Just kills me…

I should steer clear of political posts, but …well I just had to.






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