Job Update

Well, it’s been 2 weeks, and 2 days on the job at Modern, and it’s going well.
At least, I think it is: and feedback so far is positive.
I’ve got a great team of peers to work with, not to mention my trusty tech Mike
who is filling in the gaps well for me.
Let’s see…what highlights so far?

Put my new chair together yesterday..
Laptop is up and running nicely..dual screen setup w/dock Win7Pro x64
V.S. 2012 happily purring…
Crytstal XI…
Installed Nagios today on a new Ubuntu installation.
We’ll see how it performs,whether or not it’ll suffice to run on a workstation.
A/D/Exchange/Sharepoint are running well for now…
Network diagram is lookin good(thx Mike)
VPN working from home 🙂

Much to do!

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