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Couple of thoughts this morning

I came across a fairly disturbing facebook post recently regarding a man who exposed himself to a 6 year old girl(only a few towns away from us). What’s more, the father of the girl was merely feet away, working in the yard when this man(twice) exposed himself, and even apparently even touched the girl(not in private areas).
Nothing happened beyond the the aforementioned, but understandably, the parents are pretty much ready to see this guy buried 6 feet under. (utilizing a .45 actually)

The follow up posts are replete with folk offering all manner of help, man-hunting & what not.

Again, all understandable, and justified emotion/reactions.


Not soon after reading this, I had an interesting thought fly through my little head.

I thought, ya know these folk have a right to be upset, and to be concerned for the well being & innocence of this precious little girl…


I wonder, do we know what things these same innocent, and wide-eyed precious children are introduced to in school in the name of ‘comprehensive sexual health, and education”? and at what age?

Consider this:


Jul 18, 2007 1:13pm

ABC News’ Teddy Davis and Lindsey Ellerson Report: Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., told Planned Parenthood Tuesday that sex education for kindergarteners, as long as it is “age-appropriate,” is “the right thing to do.”



Ok, how old are kids in Kindergarten…right, exactly…

I don’t know about you, but sex ed in kindergarten?

I understand a live perv isn’t the same as nicely-spoken sex-educators, but I choose to make the point anyway.

There seems to be some overarching push on the part of those in various towers, for the raping of young innocence nowadays, and it’s maddening.


 Point#2 along similar lines…

Something I’ve pondered a little, and it’s perplexing to me, and I’m going to just sum it up in one concise question.

Generally speaking, I’m going to assume for a moment that, most parents wouldn’t send their pre/teen age daughters out in public in a bra and underwear.

The question is this: if that is unacceptable, why does it become acceptable at a beach?

And all this comes from an average worldly guy, who grew up a-religious, public schooled the whole way through.

Maybe I’m now part of that marginal crowd affectionately knows as ‘old-fashioned’, and if that be the case, I’m in good company.

So be it.

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  1. I am old, but nobody has ever called me “fashioned.” Still, you make too much sense; so politics is not in your future.

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