“Have a SAFE Holiday…” a curmudgeonly critique

Oh man…ok ok I know I tend toward the critical…sometimes judgmental..don’t we all?

I’m sure I’m the only one in the world whose sick up & fed with the phrase ‘have a safe..{insert holiday of choice}’

I mean, do civilized people really need to be reminded to be safe during holiday?

I was just getting over it, when on a forum, a fellow posts IN RED,:
“Hi all

Merry Christmas to everyone and your families. Have a safe holiday where ever you are.”

I dunno..
It sounds so childish..
I makes me feel like I’m not smart enbough to realize that human beings, by nature tend toward survival, and comfort.

Perhaps we could wish to one another, or at least the menfolk… “hey mack, have a good trip…oh, and do you have clean underwear on?”
“Hey, Happy new year!…and be sure to not play with fire”
“happy festivus…and by all means, remember to turn all your burners off before you leave to go anywhere”

stop it!
Just say…for instance: “Merry Christmas!”
Wasn’t that fun?
Wasn’t that simple?!

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