Handgun ownership..?

Ok, so the latest shooting/killing spree:

“Police: 6 dead, 4 wounded in New Mexico Office Shooting”

A commenter reads like this:

“It would be good to know if the employer banned firearms on the premises. The killer, a former employee, would know this. Memo to employers: if your state permits possession of a handgun (almost all do) and you ban them, you create a good environment for such a homicidal maniac. Disagree? Plenty of people hate police, but when did the last shooting with multiple innocent victims occur in a police station? At a gun range? In an open carry state?”

Ok, so here’s the facts:

1) we don’t know at present, the answer to the fellows question, so we’ll let that rest for the moment

2) If someone onsite DID have a personal handgun, they COULD have prevented people from being shot

3) Jesus said to “turn the other cheek”

4) Does #3 mean that a Christian shouldn’t  come to the aid of others, even if it means using deadly force?

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