Ever wanna know what ‘Grindcore’ is?

Well, me either but in a weak moment of sheer boredom, I came upon this gem.

(I think I have removed all the nasties, but would rate this post as “R”)
What is Grindcore?

Grindcore is a term coined by blastbeat pioneers Napalm Death – supposedly to describe the Swans (who, most of us would agree, are most decidedly not grindcore.) And few people will agree on much more than that. Many feel that Napalm Death was the first grindcore band; some argue that it was D.R.I.. Others -Siege, Septic Death, etc. – personally I couldn’t give a xxxx. It exists and I like it. Whoever started it did the world a great service. For those who don’t know, grindcore is a form of music similar to death metal (usually low-tuned guitars, blastbeats and double bass and growly/screamy vocals.) Unlike death metal, it usually does not strive for excellent musicianship (except possibly with show-off drumming), thus a lot of people are stuck on the idea that it’s a cross between hardcore and metal” – which is an utter falsehood. It is a genre in and of itself itself, completely independent of hardcore or death metal. The musicians are usually more concerned with utter “brootality dood” – and basically, playing very fast and as apocalyptically hard as they can possibly figure out how to play. Lyrics are not quite as restrictive in nature as hardcore or death metal. Subject matter runs the gambit from gore (Carcass) to porno (Creamface) to socio-political idealism (xxxxxx) to “your mom catching you xxxxx while eating Cheetos™ and you’re sitting there holding an orange xxxx” (Cephallic Carnage) to “(fill in the blank) is gay” (xxx xxxx). It simultaneously attracts socially conscious vegan eco-warriors and slovenly, overweight drunken wife beaters. There seems to be no one adopted fashion either; often, many will dress all in black with dreads, patches, and plugs in their ears – not having bathed for months. Some are joe average guys in jeans and a t-shirt, with short, well-kept hair. Some are total heshers with a stash and a leather jacket. Essentially, it’s too punk for a lot of metal heads and too metal for a lot of punk rockers. Thus, grindcore exists as its own self-sustaining sub-genre.  

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