Glosoli revisited

So, decided to listen again, to a tune my buddy Marty O Brien introduced
me to a few years back.
An Icelandic band named Sigur Ros

I know nothing about Icelandic language..nor really about Icelandic culture,
but this tune has impacted a lot of people.
It hit me hard when first played, and I could listen and watch the video…
It’s one of those songs that seem s to divide folks into two groups:
1) You are moved by it
2) You don’t understand the 1st group

A few comments from utube that bear out it’s impact:

I’m 37. I lived my life so far never seeing anything as beautiful, breathtaking, and poignant as this. That is a damn crime.

i saw this on rage a couple of years ago, fell in love with it, forgot about it and just rediscovered it xx still as amazing as i remember

I was listening to music, having it kind of in the background at work shuffleing 20,000 songs. And suddenly from nowhere when i did random boring paper job i just started crying and didnt know why at first then i looked at the computer and saw winamp playing Sigur Ros – Glósóli and got wiser.

Its so beautiful, and thats coming from a 16 year old male 😉 haha

The strangest feeling came to me while I was watching this clip the very first time. It was near the ending, when the kids were ready to jump off the cliff, and it felt as if I was ready to cough, only instead of coughing, I was almost going to cry. I swear to god I haven’t felt anything like this until now.


  1. You’ll have to do some research on what the song means!! (I guess I am in group 2? I think it’s very stirring and pretty music, in a depressing kind of way) 🙂

  2. best thing anyone can find, is Jonsi(singer) quoted secondhand as saying the kids are running toward light..and find it at the end: some kinda hope thing.
    In this morning’s search, tt’s amazing to read of even more people, who literally have had life/direction changing experiences through their music…now that’s powerful

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