Excerpt from a professional conversation..

CelticPiping: have his # in my vell
CelticPiping: ?!
CelticPiping: Cell
springly2002: cool
springly2002: i want a vell
CelticPiping: I’m sure I should love a vell
springly2002: Billy’s got more vell’s than me
CelticPiping: rotf
CelticPiping: srotf
springly2002: who’s Billy?
springly2002: I don’t know but he’s got more vells’ than me!
CelticPiping: I dunno, but he’s got more vell’s than me!
springly2002: what’s a vell!
CelticPiping: o good heavens:
CelticPiping: Vell

\Vell\, n. [Cf. L. vellus the skin of a sheep with the wool on it, a fleece, a hide or pelt, or E. fell a hide.] The salted stomach of a calf, used in making cheese; a rennet bag. [Prov. Eng.]
springly2002: ooops chcken is beeping
springly2002: or rather the timer is beeping
CelticPiping: wow, beeping chix, vells..
CelticPiping: what’s next?!

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