Daycare, Professionals & the American way

Howdy friends.

Gonna get on my own little soapbox  for a wee bit here, due to a recent overheard conversation.

Granted:We all have opinions about a lotta things, and some make more sense than others.

I have an opinion that the best plan for children, is to be raised by a parent full-time: I’m

speaking here of  birth through school age. (assuming one is enrolling said child in public school).

So, when I hear folks who I know to be decently earning professionals, planning on

enrolling their newborns in daycare, it gives me grief on behalf of the child.

The child who will spend so much of his or her early & formative years under some-elses


It seems to be fastly becoming the accepted, and almost expected norm: that you, the mom(or dad I suppose)

will return to work shortly after birth, in order to not disrupt the life that existed before pregnancy.

Now, I understand there are some who for financial reasons, perhaps do not have the luxury of a choice

in the matter.

My wife and I have chosen to sacrifice a dual income in order for her to be home, raising our children.

Am I saying I’m better than <person x>?


I’m saying we are blessed.

But my rant is toward those who I know are earning enough money to afford a single income for a few years,

but choose to not do so.

We do live in America, where such decisions are a part of our freedoms: and I would have it no other


What do you think?

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