This isn’t just a matter of disagreement with the activity. I personally have to shower in an open shower with other males every morning after PT. To say that it’s absurd that gay men won’t gawk at other naked men is saying that they aren’t normal. In “normal” sexual attractions, the sight of a naked body belonging to someone of the opposite sex is a natural thing to stare at. Are gays more capable of handling themselves than straights? I don’t think so. According to those trying to repeal this policy, gay behavior is just as “normal” as straight behavior. So, why can’t straight men and women shower together? Why can’t straight men and women dorm together the way gay and straight men will be forced? If it’s so natural and the “truth” being reported by proponents of repeal is that there is no way gays will care that they are surrounded with naked bodies of the sex to which they are attracted, then why are heterosexuals separated? Is it because heterosexuals aren’t normal? The argument is absurd in its contex

From: http://militarygear.com/asp/2010/12/18/dadt-repeal/


Hard to argue with the logic though, isn’t it?


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