Well, what would a Christmas post be if it didn’t involve Walmart in some way..

So, through a cool turn of events, we needed to return a digital camera to Wally World.

The lot fell to me to do the job, despite multiple offerings of extended back/shoulder rubs(with oil!) for you know who..
So, the sequence of events are a such:

1) enter the gates of WallyWorld

2) some old guy/sentry near the door slaps a funny little pinkish sticker on the camera box, while muttering something about “…18 19..” and points toward the back of the store.

3) I headed back to the electronics dept, and got in line(an old Navy custom: you just find a line & get in it)

4) Whilst standing in line, a young girl mentions to me that I need to go to PHOTO dept for those types of returns.

5) I go & get in THAT line

6) Photo chik tells me “oh, you’ll need to go to customer service”, but it’s good you stoppe dhere, cuz they’da had me come up front to authorize the retuen anyway..

7) I go to customer service desk(which appears very dark…(and with a couple guys running around putting stuff in carts..)

8) One of them points to a pink sign which tells me that “ailes 19-24 are for Returns/Exchanges”

9) I go find what appears to be the shortest of the several Return/Exchange lines..(you know how that usually turns out).

10) I wait in line, and return my item, and  run into some friends(a virtual oasis amidst the Walmart mini-hell I found myself in)

11) I go home & enjoy a lovely glass of wine


  1. The dread pirate Walmart is here for your soooooouuuuuls!

  2. Maybe you should have started your entire trip with step # 11 and given the camera away as a gift next year.

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