Well, I just wolfed down a lamb/pita sandwich that a friend here told me about. Reminded me much of the shaved lamb things we had in Turkey back in the service. Quite good. From my distant memory of the authentic Turkish variety, I think I liked their version better.

Lady Stranded..

I heard a car outside my house trying to start… brr brrrrrrr rr rrr brrr rrr rrrrrrr It was around 6:15AM, and cold out. I threw on some clothes(always a good idea in Oct in Maine) It wasa lady & her son at the intersection. I offered for her to come in & I got …

Atheists take note..

So, you think there isn’t a god? Well, lemme tell you something mister! Got pulled over this am by a nice county sherrif. He could have nailed me on three items. I left with a warning for each. Now that’s mercy undeserved. (and a warning to not be such a slacker about car repairs)


ok, well so I pooched my nice blog. So, here’s my new blog. It’s nice too..