A new venture

I decided to start an online fellowship/community/order/fraternity…whatever you wish to call it.. https://royalknights.us/ It is decidedly Christian in its makeup, and is partly an answer to many other orders of Knighthood that I have researched, over the last decade or so, and found wanting, with respect to Orthodox Christian doctrines. The latest example of why …


In my almost 30 years(wow!) of IT, especially in the last 15 ish years, I have seen fads come and go. The lingo fads are interesting… and if I’m honest, are mostly annoying to me… For a while, whilst in IT meetings,  I would find myself wondering how much time would go by before someone …

First sail!

Finally got her out on the water! Sailed on Androscoggin Lake, with Levi as first mate Weather was sunny, with wind at approx. 8mph with gusts 10+ How did she do? Well, I didn’ go over, and she seemed spirited, when the wind cooperated. Managed to introduce the rudder to some rocks, only because I …

My first sailboat!

Recently towed this girl home…
Fun fact: was told it’s a 16′ O’ Day Daysailer …but not so much
So far, have not been able to identify the maker!

      • 14 ft LOA
      • 5.5 ft Beam

The below pics were taken in an effort to identify the maker of the boat.
So far, no one knows!

Sailboat Set2