Blog slack…Siskel & Rich…Dickens

Sorry my fine friends: I’ve been lazy…

Well let’s see..

Last night the fam attended a invite only dress rehearsal for ‘A Christmas Carol ‘ put on by CLT(Auburn’s community theater)

It was good, but a few things bear reporting.

1) the ghosts of xmas past/future we’re…interesting.

Past was played by a young gal in a miniskirt/santa suit

Future was played by a young gal in a skimpy angel dress ..

Future should always always be scary.

She was not scary.

I duno

It just didn’t feel like Dickens to me..

Not to mention, there was nor eerie Marley/door knocker prop. I missed that .

And speaking of Marley, his number finished with a dance routine with a bunch of otherworldly minions, and his final lines closely paralleled those of Beetlejuice.

It made for a mostly comedic version of the classic tale.

As many of you know, comedy is not my primary bent, though I love to laugh.

But this is a setting where I look forward to a truer adaptation of the original.

On the plus side, there were some very good vocal pieces.

All that said, it was free.

Thanks Carmen.


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