Bangor Theo”logical”? Cemetary

From thier “Policies” text

Open and Affirming (ONA)

Bangor Theological Seminary is an Open and Affirming (ONA) seminary related to the United Church of Christ.  For many years we have welcomed people of diverse sexual orientations to our campuses and sought to incorporate them into our common life. We are pledged to continue and strengthen the collegial character of our life together. The seminary is committed to the love and to the support of all who study, teach, or administer in our community. 

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Statement

Bangor Theological Seminary recognizes that nondiscrimination does not ensure that equal opportunity is a reality, therefore, the Seminary will continue to implement affirmative action initiatives, which promote equal opportunity for all students, applicants, and employees. Inquiries regarding the application of this policy should be directed to the Academic Dean, Bangor Theological Seminary, Two College Circle, PO Box 411 Bangor ME 04402-0411

Statement of Gender-Neutral Language

Bangor Theological Seminary charges its members to work faithfully against discrimination and oppression. Language may and often does reflect and perpetuate unjust divisions and distortions within the human family of God. Therefore, while respecting the right to express one’s faith, the Seminary calls upon every person to employ language, written and oral, which affirms the dignity of all persons and communicates the gospel as the liberating and healing Word of God.


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