Mansfield Park

So, whilest Springy was at an evenin’ VCL service, I kept up the tradition of (after kidz are in bed) throwing in a flick &  popping the cap on a cold beverage of choice to pass the time. (Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat this time around) The selection this time? Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. A …

Rangoons await!

Rich Gouette: for a moment, I thought I heard ‘muster the Rongoonhirrim!’ Rich Gouette: but, it could have been my imagination BobSan: The Rangoon brought to Rich unnatural long mornings. For five hundred minutes it poisoned his mind. And in the gloom of Rich’s cubicle, it waited. Rich Gouette: lolooll BobSan: Hunger crept back into …


“some guy”:  “the act of reconnoitering” Rich Gouette: can u do that outside of marriage?! saintlukas: you can’t do that unless you’ve connoitered a first time


Well, I just wolfed down a lamb/pita sandwich that a friend here told me about. Reminded me much of the shaved lamb things we had in Turkey back in the service. Quite good. From my distant memory of the authentic Turkish variety, I think I liked their version better.

Lady Stranded..

I heard a car outside my house trying to start… brr brrrrrrr rr rrr brrr rrr rrrrrrr It was around 6:15AM, and cold out. I threw on some clothes(always a good idea in Oct in Maine) It wasa lady & her son at the intersection. I offered for her to come in & I got …