Another day in IT take 2

BobSan: i sense a disturbance in the force
BobSan: as tho a thousand stomachs cried out for rangoons
BobSan: but had to wait
Richard A. Gouette: nice
BobSan: you should continue with your exercises
Richard A. Gouette: but, with the duck sauce shield down, I can’t see anything?
BobSan: use the fork, Ruke!
Richard A. Gouette: I um…ate it
BobSan: let the duck sauce flooooooowwww through you
Richard A. Gouette: bzzt bzzt bzzzzzzt!
Richard A. Gouette: I felt something!
Richard A. Gouette: I could really feel the crispiness of the rangons!
BobSan: good! you’ve taken your first step towards a larger plate!

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