A Studio is born!

So, after a long time, and much whining & well, just plain procrastinating I have gotten a really good start on a very modest home music studio in the basement.

It’s largely made possible by Damien, a friend who kindly gave me some special sub-flooring stuff to raise the floor off the basement concrete, because once & a while it can get a little wet due to a under-foundation leak(which is btw, due to poor drainage).

It’s roughly 12×11, and last night Levi & I put up the 4th wall.
Plans include sheetrocking the walls, and I should mention also that my brother has mentioned he’s going to give me some foam insulation material for the walls, which should help quiet things greatly.

Sooo there ya go!

Hopefully, I/we will be making some music down there soon!


  1. Ha, I forgot I had even given you that stuff…

    Can’t wait to see it! When are you going to post photos?

  2. i know! photos…
    I can’t find my camera..
    how sad!

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