1987 Ibanez RG-550 Made in: FujiGen Gakki , Japan for sale




Location: Auburn, Maine

“Road Flare” finish


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-This apparently is the 1st year of RG-550 production
-I don’t know why, but some <insert noun here> decided to place black electrical tape on the body..not quite sure why. The good news is, it should come off without damage. I did not remove it myself, so that the next owner can do so, without me risking damage etc.
-The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan: I do not have the original.
–I do have the rear spring cover ..somewhere here in the house
-It did not come to me with the pickup switch knob
-Damage-wise, it looks as if the only significant dings are on the right side, waist area, although if I’m not mistaken, it looks like on the back of the neck, under the nut area, someone might have had a repair done. If so, it looks like it was quite professionally done.



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